Red list of Iraqi artifacts available in Turkish

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Red list of Iraqi artifacts available in Turkish

Istanbul, Mar 28 (DHA) - The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has translated the emergency red list of Iraqi Cultural Objects into Turkish.
The list, prepared by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in 2015, is being distributed to Turkish security units, collectors, customs and museums.
The Emergency Red List of Iraqi Cultural Objects at Risk illustrates the categories or types of cultural items that are most likely to be illegally traded.
It aims to help art and heritage professionals and law enforcement officials identify Iraqi objects that are at risk and protected by the legislation in force.
Museums, auction houses, art dealers and collectors are encouraged not to acquire such objects without having carefully and thoroughly researched their origin and provided all the relevant legal documentation.
With 35,000 members in 137 countries, the ICOM is active in a wide range of museums and heritage-related disciplines.
Following the successful seizures made possible thanks to the 2003 Emergency Red List of Iraqi Antiquities at Risk, ICOM’s first Emergency Red List, and in view of the persisting threat to Iraq’s cultural heritage, ICOM updated the version of this list.


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