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    President Sezer watches special projection of documentary movie "Gallipoli"

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    18.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer on Wednesday watched a special projection of "Gallipoli" documentary directed by Tolga Ornek. "Gallipoli," is a documentary telling the story of the Battle of Canakkale within the scope of diaries and letters of military officials from both sides.Tolga Ornek, who spoke after the film, said, “we have told the story of the war from the point of view of soldiers in the trenches. The film tells about the two sides. We should know the other side well, to talk about the victory of our side. We are victorious against a strong enemy, so our Canakkale legend is very big.”"Gallipoli,” will also be shown in New Zealand and Australia in April, Ornek said, noting that the documentary will be shown in 25 theaters.The documentary tells the stories and suffering of not only Turkish soldiers but also the other martyrs. The story is based on the diaries and letters of 10 main characters, two of whom were British, three Kiwis, three Australians and two Turks. The documentary took six years to complete and researchers ransacked more than 70 private or public archives belonging to Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. Sixteen Canakkale experts from various nations also contributed to the documentary.The British Imperial War Museum, Australian War Museum, New Zealand Ministry of Culture and Turkish Military Museums also supported the documentary, which not only shows the historical records, but also tells a story in the “language” of movies.


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