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    Poisonous sea urchin’s spines as long as 30 cm

    Hürriyet Haber
    20.08.2006 - 14:20 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Diadema Setosum Leske sea urchin, found usually in the Pacific Ocean, has been spotted off the coast of Kaş in the south of Turkey. Otherwise known as the ‘hat pin sea urchin’, the Diadema Setosum Leske causes swelling and redness of the skin following contact with humans.

    Appearing on the Mediterranean coast after the increasing number of jellyfish in the area in the last few weeks, the sea urchin has extremely long and fragile spines. Once inserted into the human skin, the spine is difficult to remove because of the small spear-like spikes along its length. Experts say that a spine stuck in the human body should be removed under the observation of a doctor.

    The sea urchin’s ability to rapidly reproduce means it could affect the ecosystem of the Mediterranean. Turkish experts draw attention to the fact that there are many differences between the Diadema Setosum Leske and the sea urchins normally found along the Turkish coast.



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