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    PM Erdogan re corruption: We can account for everything

    Hürriyet Haber
    01 Şubat 2006 - 09:28Son Güncelleme : 01 Şubat 2006 - 09:28

    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while resisting calls for him to reveal the full extent of his personal finances in yesterday's Turkish Parliamentary session, referred to the main opposition CHP Party as being "the only party in the world which owns a bank." The Prime Minister also noted that CHP, in not paying money due to the Turkish History and Language Foundation, was trampling on Ataturk's legacy. Erdogan also attested that there was not a single "kurus" for which either he or his party was unable to account.

    Ataturk's legacy
    Reading from Ataturk's will aloud in the TBMM, Prime Minister Erdogan pointed to the fact the courts had ruled that CHP and other political parties were bound to pay fees or dues to such foundations as the Turkish History and Language Foundation, but that CHP as such had resisted fulfilling this obligation. "How could such a strong and bank-owning party as the CHP even enter into a 'personal wealth investigation' type of situation? If they were going to explain why they hadn't paid their dues to the Turkish Language Foundation? They have such strong financial sources. We will show how far this corruption spreads with them. It is because we haven't wanted tension in this country that we haven't spoken about it until today."

    Erdogan went on, "AKP is in power to protect this country's resources from thieves and plunderers. There is nothing for which we cannot account to the people of this country. AKP's signatures lies on none of the crooked bills, lost years, and destroyed resources in Turkey's recent history. If there is someone who should have to account to the Turkish people, it should be for the year after year of economic crises, the inflation, the bottom of the pit economic signals, the empty politics, the wasted years that came before us."
    Erdogan also used his speech to the AKP parliamentary group to warn the media of their involvement in pursuit of corruption: "I call out to the media, who is creating a bed for these thoughts: there is nothing you will win in this search, you will only lose."

    And by the way, what kind of explanation is that?
    In a direct reference to opposition ANAVATAN Party leader Erkan Mumcu, who made his own 'explanation' of personal finances last week, Prime Minister Erdogan reserved these sharp words: "There are politicians who say my bank vault, my resources come from my brother, my nephew, my cousin, my uncle, my aunt, my aunt's son. And that explain that this is some sort of explanation of personal finances. What kind of official explanation is that supposed to be?




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