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    Plans to attack US Fort Dix base uncovered; one of the plotters a Turk

    Hürriyet Haber
    09.05.2007 - 10:46 | Son Güncelleme:

    A group of 6 arrested yesterday for alleged plans to attack a US military base in New Jersey included one Turk, Serdar Tatar.

     The plans by the group to use hand held rocket launchers to attack Fort Dix was foiled at the last minute when a video store clerk they had asked to make a copy of a video of them doing gun practice alerted the authorities. Turk Serdar Tartar lives in New Jersey where he had been working up until now at his father's pizza shop. Tartar had apparently obtained maps and plans of the Fort Dix to help the group. Other members of the group include Yugoslavian immigrant brothers Eljv and Dritan Duka, US citizen of Jordanian extraction Mohammed Shnewer, and US citizen Agron Abdullah.

    Serdar Tarar's father immigrated years ago to the US from Turkey. His father, Muslim Tartar, owns a New Jersey based pizza restaurant, Super Mario's. Police reportedly first became suspicious of Serdar, who worked in his father's restaurant, 15 months ago. The FBI at this time managed to plant an informer in the group of friends Serdar Tartar was spending time with, and on one occasion when Tartar's car broke down, this "friend" offered to take it to the garage for him, instead taking it to the police for inspection. In the baggage, police found 50 bullet magazines filled with 9 mm bullets.

    Following this, the FBI managed to plant another informer in the group, this time hoping to catch the entire group of friends for the crimes they were suspected of being involved in. Tartar at this time reportedly told the new informer friend of plans to attack Fort Dix. The plans were based on entrance onto the base using pizza delivery as a ruse.



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