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PKK hits out as it’s caught short

The PKK is increasingly having a hard time. And as they are having a hard time they increase attacks. This situation was very clearly understood during Gül’s latest visit to Baghdad. The General Staff yesterday in the press conference said: "Turkey caught an opportunity to eliminate the PKK. We should not miss it."

The organization’s situation is extremely difficult. Under these circumstances, it hits out randomly. Yesterday’s Lice event was a typical example.

Despite the nine martyrs, the chief of general staff was extremely determined.

He exercised pressure from all sides. Washington is leading the external orchestra. And right next to it is the European Union. The underlying message is very clear: Abandon the terror-based struggle with weapons and try to fulfill the expectations of the Kurdish people in political rallies. As for the PKK, the organization does not quite know what to do. Minds are confused. Especially on the Iraqi front, conditions are worsening with each passing day.

For example, the organization is not welcome in Baghdad.

In the capital city Turkey’s prestige is stronger. For Baghdad the PKK "can be used if need be" but when it bothers Ankara it can be benefited from. Baghdad sympathizing with the PKK is inversely related to good relations with Turkey.

"They will not be able to obtain strength from our bureaucracy or security forces," says an Iraqi diplomat. "Generally we do not sympathize with the Kurds.

For, we know that they are waiting for the day to come when they will snatch part of this country and announce their independence." As a matter of fact, the winds do not in blow in favor of the PKK.

And Gül’s visit to Baghdad polished the Turkish image even further.

Winds blowing from the northern Iraqi administration are also against the PKK. To tell the truth, Barzani is caught between the PKK and Turkey. On one side, they are trying to fix relations with Turkey and pave the way in respect to their economy. But on the other side they don’t want to destroy the PKK brutally.

Whatever may come, they too are of Kurdish descent. They perceive the PKK as siblings. Even if they wanted to wipe out the PKK they know very well that they won’t get into a blood bath.

"If Barzani was to put the PKK on one scale of the balance and Turkey on the other, then Ankara would outweigh them," says an Iraqi diplomat.

He drew attention to the despair of the northern Iraqi Kurds and said, "That’s why Turkey needs to take some steps regarding the Kurdish issue, and we are begging to pardon the PKK in one way or another so this issue can easily be solved."

Chief of General Staff Başbuğ in the press conference yesterday repeated the importance of the northern Iraqi administration’s attitude, saying, "We must obtain a result by the end of this year."

This general course is not only valid for Iraq. Kurdish societies in Europe almost all show similar reactions. We notice that even if they are not prepared to sacrifice the PKK the old image is lost. They believe now that the PKK’s struggle with weapons and terror practices won’t lead the Kurdish issue anywhere and that a political struggle should be the preliminary plan.

Don’t be fooled, the PKK also knows that a struggle with weapons is out and won’t lead anywhere but the organization is split in two. Bayık is in favor of a struggle with weapons. Karayılan is in favor of a political solution. If you are curious about who will make the decision, here it comes: İMRALI:

These are very important in the period ahead of us. It seems that Turkey’s attitude as well as the attitude in Kurdish society in respect to this matter will undergo important changes. You might guess what will happen in the future if we put all the following together:

w The PKK ceasing fire.

w No negative events taking place during Nevruz celebrations.

w The start of a campaign regarding the dismissal of Öcalan.

w The surfacing of a political struggle instead of a struggle with weapons on the agenda.

w A different and more understanding attitude of Ankara toward the Kurdish issue and Northern Iraqi Kurdistan.

This time there was a different Başbuğ
Two weeks ago at the academy we encountered a chief of staff teaching us about strategy. He talked about general attitudes and carried Turkey’s issues in a different dimension. He talked about the organization’s view of Turkey and the region. It seemed as if an ideologist were talking about how the Turkish Armed Forces, viewed the country’s problems.

In yesterday’s press conference we saw a chief of staff who was answering questions regarding daily issues. He answered each question and even brought up issues as if they were asked about.

To tell the truth the majority of questions were the type that would be answered in weekly press conferences but it’s our habit to only believe what No. 1 says and make it a headline.

Başbuğ was very comfortable. He answered all questions in a convincing way from his perspective. But these questions needed more explanation. But time was tight, and therefore many issues were left pending. He openly expressed his discomfort about the way the Ergenekon case is being conducted.

But we could not further research unanswered questions regarding the weapons’ issue. Tomorrow I will take up this press conference in a more detailed way.