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    Pepe: Environmental screening will start next April

    Hürriyet Haber
    22.10.2005 - 12:10 | Son Güncelleme:

    Speaking to an AA reporter on Friday, Turkish Environment and Forestry Minister Osman Pepe said, ''Screening process in 'environment' chapter heading within the scope of Turkey-EU accession negotiations, will start next April," noting that, "within the framework of the adjustment works of the acquis, industry is the topic we are behind the most, and waste is the topic which we are ahead the most.''

    Pepe said that 300 EU directives under the ''environment'' chapter heading constituted an important part of the acquis.

    "Completion of the adjustment of the acquis was planned to be completed in 2010, ''we can conclude this within 5-6 months if we want, however this should be implemented with public support,'' he noted.

    Pepe went on to give information about the studies on issues like solid waste, urban waste water purification, air pollution which are carried out in line with the EU directives.

    "Turkey, acting on the assumption that it would be a full member in 2014, should make environment investment worth of approximately 30 billion Euro," he said.


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