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    Owners of Bankrupt Banks Did Not Pay 470 Trillion Back

    Hürriyet Haber
    17.10.2003 - 17:56 | Son Güncelleme:

    Deputy Prime Minister Abdullatif Sener announced that the amount of loans, which were taken by the owners of the bankrupt banks from the public banks but not paid back, was 470.3 trillion TL. The heaviest burden on the public banks was generated by the Medya-Sabah Group, owned by the Bilgin Family, which did not pay 174.4 trillion of loan back.

    The Nergis Group owned by former minister and Deputy Cavit Caglar, the Ceylan Group, and Yahya Murat Demirel-Egebank Group follow Medya-Sabah.

    Apart from these amounts, the owners of the looted banks borrowed 11.6 billion dollars from their own banks and other looted banks and did not pay this amount back either.

    Ziraatbank has 11.3 trillion TL, the Halkbank has 207.2 trillion TL, and the Vakifbank has 251.8 trillion TL of uncollectible loans extended to the looted banks.



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