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    Opposition MHP leader Bahceli: There are PKK and Barzani supporters in the Turkish Parliament

    Hürriyet Haber
    16 Ekim 2007 - 14:34Son Güncelleme : 16 Ekim 2007 - 15:34

    Opposition MHP leader Devlet Bahceli has characterized certain MPs in the Turkish Parliament (TBMM) as being "in the profile of Barzani and the PKK."

    Bahceli's strong words come in the run-up to planned closed session debates tomorrow in the TBMM over a motion approved by the Council of Ministers authorizing the Turkish military to proceed with over the border interventions in northern Iraqi in pursuit of terrorist PKK forces thought to be living and hiding there. Bahceli also called on the sessions in the TBMM tomorrow to be opened up to the public, stating that it was because of the support for northern Iraqi leader Massoud Barzani and the terrorist PKK group among certain MPs that he wanted an open parliamentary session.


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