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    OECD: Turkey Ranks 16t-Biggest Economy

    Hürriyet Haber
    14.02.2005 - 12:02 | Son Güncelleme:

    Good news for the Turkish economy with the national income reaching $295 billion making Turkey a world ranked "16th-biggest economy", one step up from last year among the OECD member countries that are qualified as "The Club of Riches".

    The results are great news following the 2001 crisis where Turkey was ranked 20th, with its national income of 145.6 billion dollars.

    Turkey left Denmark behind in 2002 (ranked 19th) with its national income of $184.2 billion, left Norway and Poland behind in 2003 (ranked 17th), and then Austria last year. Turkey has climbed four positions within
    the last three years. This growth arises from both the high rated economic growth and the valuation of the TL against dollar.

    OECD announced the national income numbers of year 2004 which it calculated
    for the member countries. Accordingly, the national income of Turkey, which was $239.7 billion in 2003 increased by 23 percent in 2004 to $295 billion. Fixing the prices in 2000, the OECD estimated the growth-rate of Turkey 2004 was 9.8 percent.


    Among the OECD and world countries, U.S. maintained it's first place with 11 trillion, 664.6 billion dollars of national income, Japan maintained it's second place with 4 trillion, 665.4 billion dollars of national income, Germany maintained it's third place with 2 trillion, 687.4 billion dollars of national income, U.K. maintained it's fourth place with 2 trillion, 115 billion dollars of national income and France maintained it's fifth place
    with 1 trillion, 997.3 billion dollars of national income.



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