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    New mayor sacrficed his wage for city

    Anatolian Agency
    22.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    MANİSA - Dilşat Ulaş, the new mayor of Paşaköy city in the western province of Manisa, declared that he would not take his wage or use his official car until the municipality’s 500,000 Turkish Liras debt was completely paid.

    "Although we are a 40-year-old municipality, our city still looks like a village. Paşaköy is behind not only in investments and services, but also in areas like education, health and culture," Ulaş said. "That is why I decided not to take my salary, not use my official car and to pay the costs of visitors from my own personal budget until the debt is paid," he said.

    Savings period
    Ulaş said they started a savings period in the municipality and would initiate a development cooperative in the city and deal with animal breeding until the debts are paid.

    Ulaş, a pharmacist for 11 years, won the mayoral seat in the March 29 local elections for the Motherland Party, or ANAP, from among five candidates.


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