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    Mehmet Y. Yilmaz:: Why Talabani's "Che Guevera" comparison for PKK just won't work

    Hürriyet Haber
    22.10.2007 - 10:04 | Son Güncelleme:

    Iraqi President Jelal Talabani said recently "The PKK needs to understand that the world has changed, and the era of 'Che Guevera' has finished."

    Yes, it's true that the world has changed! Exactly 40 years have passed since Che died, and we now see that his methods didn't really work.
    But for a person to even compare the PKK to Che Guevera really means that that person doesn't know much about the life of Che.
    The day these words of comparison from Talabani were printed in the newspapers, there was a ceremony underway in a village outside of the southeastern Turkish city of Bingol commemorating the deaths of 19 civilians killed there by PKK terrorists in 1992!
    Among these 19 civilians were women, children, even sick people and pregnant women.
    And when Talabani spoke these words, not even 40 days had passed since the Ramazan PKK attack on a busload of villagers coming back from digging water channels outside their village.
    How many teachers, engineers, babies, policemen, soldiers have been killed as the result of PKK violence? How do we measure the blood on their hands? How many innocents have been killed in city shopping centers as the resulting of exploding packages?
    Che did none of this. Yes, he fought for what he believed. But he did not kill women, children, babies still in their swaddlings.
    Che did not call youths to him high up on a mountain and then, as the PKK leaders do, sit back from from the lines of violence while watching the youths go to their deaths.
    What is clear is that Talabani is no different from those who see some romantic identity lurking under PKK terrorism.
    But we know who are the real baby killers, and who aren't!
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