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    Mehmet Y. Yilmaz :Who will punish the MP who is also a hooligan?

    Hürriyet Haber
    18.10.2005 - 10:48 | Son Güncelleme:

    During halftime of the Denizlispor-Vestel football game, when the players left the field for their dressing rooms, Denizli MP Hashim Oral, who was sitting in the stadium's VIP seats, threw a water bottle in his hand at Yilmaz, one of Vestel's players. It was a "successful" throw, because it hit Yilmaz smack in the middle of his back.

    Now, if I had done this same thing on Saturday night at Sukru Saracoglu stadium, I think we all know what would have happened to me. First, the police would have hit me a couple of times over the head with their batons, after which I would have been thrown out of the stadium. Then a case would have been opened against me in the courts for "creating violence in a sports arena." And it wouldn't have stopped there: a list with my name on it would have been passed around to sports salons and stadiums all over Turkey forbidding my entrance to any further matches. On match days, I would be required to go to my local police station to sit in a room from one hour before match time until after the match was over. Sometimes, following a violation like this, even if Fenerbahce says "one ignorant person's actions cannot be connected to the entire Fenerbahce football community," it makes no difference, and they are penalized by either having their match cancelled, or by having to play an audience-less game.
    But when the bottle throwing hooligan is an MP, everything changes. The police didn't throw him out of the stadium. There will be no case opened up against him. Denizlispor will not be penalized in anyway; an advantage of the immunity provided by on MP.
    If we really want to fight against violence in the sports arenas in Turkey, we cannot allow Hashim Oral to hide behind his MP status immunity. In order to give an example to all hooligans, he should receive the punishment normally accorded to hooligans at football matches, and it should be announced that he will no longer be able to attend matches. This should not be enough either: he should also have to apologize to the entire sports-watching public.





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