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    Mehmet Y. Yilmaz: Gul finally apologizes to the press, but is that all?

    Hürriyet Haber
    27.02.2006 - 13:33 | Son Güncelleme:

    Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul has released a statement saying his words about the Turkish press being "against the national interests," and "under the control of foreign influence," had gone beyond what he had meant to say.

    Knowing when to apologize involves serious maturity, and there are not enough politicians in our country who are this mature. Which is why I congratulate Gul on this front.
    But I have to add this: I think that throwing comments out into the open, and then apologizing when you see the general reaction, may be some sort of new political style. I find it almost comedic that our politicians run their mouths off out in the open constantly, and then later try to clean up by saying that they had "gone beyond what they intended." The fact that they have to backtrack like this shows me one thing: Their intellectual capacities are not adequate, they are not in control of the subjects, and they are used to saying whatever comes to their minds at that moment. Most importantly, they are not in control of their emotions!
    And when you think of this in correlation with the fact that the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of this country frequently in contact with representatives from other countries, it is incredibly frightening to think of the possibly that in the diplomatic arena, they might also use words that "go beyond their intended limits."


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