Locals used drone to have mobile signal in the remote city of Hakkari

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Yaşar Kaplan / Hakkari, Feb 5 (DHA) – Locals used a drone to have reception signal on mobile phone in Hakkari, the remote city of Turkey. As GSM operators don’t have any reception signal in the town of Akcali, Yuksekova a local found a revolutionary solution with latest drone technology and gives a kind of public service to the locals in the remote town where there is no mobile reception.
Drone owner Ali Yucel Kaya carries the mobiles on his drone and makes it fly, and a local owner of the mobile phone connects to his mobile with Bluetooth technology and can make a telephone conversation.
Drone owner Kaya charges the locals for one lira for every 10 minutes call. Locals state that no GSM operator has service in the town of Akcali with 70 household and population of 800.
Stating all locals having difficulties to have reception, Kaya says he decided to by a drone to solve this problem. Kaya’s drone can reach a GSM reception at the height of 10 meters. 
Kaya calls all authorities to help the local community and says “My mom has a medical condition and my brother is in jail. Sometimes my mom wants to talk to my brother but can’t do it as we don’t have any reception. That was my primary reason to by the drone. After the drone takes off, we can make phone conversations via Bluetooth connection. As there is an emergency at night, like a pregnant woman giving birth etc. I use the drone to call an ambulance” 
Stating that it’s dangerous to go high on hills because of the wild animals, “Sometimes the drone conks out. In that case we collect money from all locals and repair the drone.
Local Ekrem Arslan speaking to Dogan News Agency also called on authorities for a solution. Ekrem Arslan said that they used to go up in the hills for reception in case of emergencies but it is impossible to do such thing in winter due to wild animals. “Thanks the drone now, we can communicate with our relatives” says Arslan. (Photos)

Video footage: 
- Ali Yücel Kaya, drone owner preparing the drone 
- Drone taking off for a call  
- Locals looking for reception 
- Locals talking to their relatives
- Interview with Ekrem Arslan 
- General footage and details


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