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    Kükre launches cleaner

    Hürriyet Daily News
    29.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ISTANBUL - Kükre Gıda, a Turkish vinegar producer, has launched a new product for sanitizing fruits and vegetables. The "Ex-sir" solution clears fruits and vegetables of chemical residues.

    Trhe solution is sold in bottles of 500 and 1,000 milliliters, and is a result of 21 months of research and development, Sabri Gülel, a member of Kükre Gıda’s management board, told journalists in Istanbul yesterday.

    "Petrochemicals and oil-based agricultural pesticides result in health problems, including cancer, food poisoning and allergies. Laboratory tests also reveal the traditional means of washing fruits and vegetables with plain water removes only 5 to 20 percent of the chemical residues on the surface," Gülel said.

    "Water mixed with vinegar or lemon, also leaves a notable part of agricultural pesticides and preservatives on the surface, making the fruit or vegetable only 20 to 25 percent hygienic." Ex-sir was developed in Kükre Gıda's research and development unit and tested by the Aegean University. The solution consists solely of natural products. For every one liter of water, 30cc’s of solution is needed to wash vegetables and fruits.

    The fruits should be kept in the mixture for a few minutes after which they need to be washed once more with plain water. According to tests at Aegean University, the solution washes away some 97.36 percent of fat-based chemicals on the surface of tomatoes.

    Ex-sir is the first Turkish product of its kind, Gülel said. There are at present three similar products in the world, two manufactured by U.S.-based firms and one by a Japanese company, Gülel said.


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