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    King Mohammed: "We take Turkey as an example"

    31 Mart 2005 - 11:30Son Güncelleme : 31 Mart 2005 - 11:30

    King Mohammed VI of Morocco, in regards to Turkey's rapid steps towards democratization in an effort to enter the European Union, said "We take Turkey as an example." Erdogan, on a visit to Morocco, invited King Mohammed to Turkey.
    Morocco is the second stop on Prime Minister Erdogan's second visit to the African continent. After passing through Tunisia, Erdogan stopped in Morocco and met with King Mohammed and Prime Minister Driss Jettou.

    Erdogan and Jettou signed four seperate agreements, and Erdogan made a visit to the gravesite of former King Mohammed V.

    During the warm talks between the leaders of the two countries, King Mohammed complimented Erdogan's leadership, saying "When you came to power, there were doubts about you. But your leadership wiped these off the slate."

    While in Tunus, Erdogan lamented the state of the more economically backward countries, saying "Every year 900 billion dollars are spent on arms. If we could give this money to poorer countries, there would be no more problems in that area."


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