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Karşınızda, fotoğraflarını görünce 41 kere maşallah diyeceğiniz en güzel kampüslü 41 üniversite.

Alabama: University of Alabama

Where: TuscaloosaDate Founded: 1820Fun fact: The University of Alabama is home to one of the ten most winning football teams in NCAA history. Roll tide!
Facebook: University of Alabama

Yeri: Tuscaloosa

Kuruluş: 1820


Alaska: University of Alaska - Fairbanks

Where: FairbanksDate founded: 1917Fun fact: Psst, you just might see the Northern Lights from your dorm room.
Facebook: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Yeri: Fairbanks

Kuruluş: 1917


Arizona: University of Arizona

Where: TucsonDate founded: 1885Fun fact: In addition to a beautiful campus, UA is also known for one of the best looking student bodies in the country. Hmm...
Facebook: Scott Kirkessner

Yeri: Tucson

Kuruluş: 1885


Arkansas: University of Central Arkansas

Where: ConwayDate founded: 1907Fun fact: Once called The Arkansas State Teacher's College, UCA was historically the number one educator of teachers in the state.
Facebook: University of Central Arkansas

Yeri: Conway

Kuruluş: 1907


California: Scripps College

Where: ClaremontDate founded: 1926Fun fact: The campus prides itself on its lush greenery, including its orange trees, birds of paradise, and other foliage. Best of all, students are allowed and encouraged to pick from the rose garden when flowers are in bloom.
Facebook: Scripps College

Yeri: Claremont

Kuruluş: 1926


Colorado: University of Colorado Boulder

Where: BoulderDate founded: 1876Fun fact: A skiers paradise, CU Boulder has a dedicated ski bus that transports students from campus to the surrounding slopes of Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, and Vail.
Facebook: University of Colorado Boulder

Yeri: Boulder

Kuruluş: 1876


Connecticut: Yale University

Facebook: Yale University
Facebook: Yale University

Yeri: New Haven

Kuruluş: 1701


Delaware: University of Delaware

Facebook: University of Delaware
Facebook: University of Delaware

Yeri: Newark

Kuruluş: 1743


Florida: Flagler College

Where: St. AugustineDate founded: 1968Fun fact: At the center of campus is the former luxury hotel, the Ponce de Leon, built in the Spanish Renaissance style.
Facebook: Flagler College

Yeri: St. Augustine

Kuruluş: 1968


Georgia: Berry College

Where: RomeDate founded: 1902Fun fact: With the largest contiguous campus in the country, parts of Berry College's 27,000 acres contain hiking, cycling and horseback riding trails.
Facebook: Lauren Neumann

Yeri: Rome

Kuruluş: 1902


Hawaii: Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Facebook: BYU-Hawaii
Facebook: BYU-Hawaii

Yeri: Laie

Kuruluş: 1955


Idaho: University of Idaho

Where: MoscowDate founded: 1892Fun fact: One of the most beautiful spots on campus (and the best place to de-stress during finals period) is
Facebook: University of Idaho

Yeri: Moscow

Kuruluş: 1892


Illinois: University of Chicago

Where: ChicagoDate founded: 1890Fun fact: This prestigious university's motto is
Facebook: University of Chicago

Yeri: Chicago

Kuruluş: 1890


Indiana: University of Notre Dame

Where: Notre DameDate founded: 1842Fun fact: The famous Golden Dome, which tops the University's main building is gilded in 23.9-karat gold leaf. In fact, the very same same gold flake is used to paint the Notre Dame football helmets.
Facebook: University of Notre Dame

Yeri: Notre Dame

Kuruluş: 1842


Iowa: Grinnell College

Where: GrinnellDate founded: 1846Fun fact: This tiny liberal arts college about half way between Iowa City and Des Moines is one of the most selective and best value colleges in the whole country, according to U.S. News & World Report.
Facebook: Grinnell College

Yeri: Grinnell

Kuruluş 1846


Kansas: Kansas State University

Where: ManhattanDate founded: 1863Fun fact: The on-campus KSU Dairy Bar is home to what's arguably the best ice cream in the state: The iconic Purple Pride blueberry ice cream (and the recipe is kept secret).
Facebook: Kansas State University

Yeri: Manhattan

Kuruluş: 1863


Kentucky: University of Louisville

Where: LouisvilleDate founded: 1798Fun fact: UofL's medical school is credited with some pretty amazing breakthroughs, including the first artificial heart transplant and the first successful hand transplant.
Facebook: University of Louisville

Yeri: Louisville

Kuruluş: 1798


Louisiana: Louisiana State University

Where: Baton RougeDate founded: 1853Fun fact: True to the state's Creole culture, LSU's French department offers an undergraduate Cajun studies program.
Facebook: Louisiana State University

Yeri: Baton Rouge

Kuruluş: 1853


Maine: Bowdoin College

Where: BrunswickDate founded: 1794Fun fact: Bowdoin's mascot is the Polar Bear, in honor of Robert Peary, a naval officer and alumni who led the first expedition to the North Pole.
Facebook: Bowdoin College

Yeri: Brunswick

Kuruluş: 1794


Maryland: Johns Hopkins University

Where: BaltimoreDate founded: 1876Fun fact: If there's a Lacrosse capital of the U.S., it's probably JHU. In fact, the campus is home to the Lacrosse Museum and National Hall of Fame
Facebook: Johns Hopkins University

Yeri: Baltimore

Kuruluş: 1876


Massachusetts: Williams College

Facebook: Williams College
Facebook: Williams College

Yeri: Williamstown

Kuruluş: 1793


Michigan: University of Michigan

Where: Ann ArborDate founded: 1817Fun fact: While Ann Arbor is one of America's most beloved college towns today, the University of Michigan was originally in Detroit. It moved to its current location in Ann Arbor in 1837.
Instagram: uofmichigan

Yeri: Ann Arbor

Kuruluş: 1817


Minnesota: St. Olaf College

Where: NorthfieldDate founded: 1874Fun fact: Founded by a group of Norwegian immigrants, St. Olaf is named after the patron saint of Norway and its motto is actually an old Norse war chant.
Facebook: St. Olaf College

Yeri: Northfield

Kuruluş 1874


Mississippi: University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Where: OxfordDate founded: 1848Fun fact: In 1885, Ole Miss hired Sarah McGehee Isom, making her the first female professor at a co-ed institute for higher learning in the entire South. Today, Mississippi's Center for Women and Gender Studies bears her name.
Facebook: The University of Mississippi - Ole Miss

Yeri: Oxford

Kuruluş: 1848


Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis

Where: St. LouisWhen: 1853Fun fact: WashU has hosted more presidential and vice-presidential debates than any other institution in U.S. history, including the first televised three-person debate between President George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot.
Facebook/ Washington University in St. Louis

Yeri: St. Louis

Kuruluş: 1853


Montana: Carroll College

Where: HelenaDate founded: 1909Fun fact: One of Carroll College's residence halls houses a boulder wall, which is open for all students to practice their rock climbing.
Facebook: Carroll College

Yeri: Helena

Kuruluş: 1909


Nebraska: Creighton University

Where: OmahaDate founded 1878Fun fact: Creighton offers a scholarship for students who serve as the school mascot, Billy Bluejay.
Facebook: Creighton University

Yeri: Omaha

Kuruluş: 1878


Nevada: Sierra Nevada College

Facebook: Sierra Nevada College
Facebook: Sierra Nevada College

Yeri: Incline Village

Kuruluş: 1969


New Hampshire: Dartmouth College

Facebook: Dartmouth College
Facebook: Dartmouth College

Yeri: Hanover

Kuruluş: 1769


New Jersey: Princeton University

Where: PrincetonDate founded: 1746Fun fact: In 1869, Princeton played in the first U.S. intercollegiate football game against Rutgers College.
Facebook: Beata Marciniak

Yeri: Princeton

Kuruluş: 1746


New Mexico: New Mexico State University

Where: Las CrucesDate founded: 1888Fun fact: If you've ever eaten green chile sauce, you can thank New Mexico State. The University is home to the Chile Pepper Institute, a department that researches and develops new strains of the Hatch green chile.
New Mexico State University

Yeri: Las Cruces

Kuruluş: 1888


New York: Vassar College

Where: PoughkeepsieDate founded: 1861Fun fact: Vassar was the first institution of higher education that granted degrees to women. In 1969 it became coeducational, opening its doors to male students.
Facebook: Vassar College

Yeri: Poughkeepsie

Kuruluş: 1861


North Carolina: Elon University

Where: ElonDate founded: 1889Fun fact: Each year, every new Elon student receives an acorn under the oak trees; the tradition is meant to symbolize their new beginning and personal growth.
Facebook: Elon University

Yeri: Elon

Kuruluş: 1889


North Dakota: Valley City State University

Where: Valley CityDate founded: 1890Fun fact: Located in Valley City, which was named

Yeri: Valley City

Kuruluş: 1890


Ohio: Kenyon College

Where: GambierDate founded: 1824Fun fact: Each new student sign the school's matriculation book upon beginning their studies. It's one of Kenyon's longest standing traditions that dates back over a century.
Facebook: Kenyon College

Yeri: Gambier

Kuruluş: 1824


Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma

Where: NormanDate founded: 1890Fun fact: The campus houses the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, where you can find find the world's known largest skeleton of the Pentaceratops dinosaur.
Facebook: University of Oklahoma

Yeri: Norman

Kuruluş: 1890



Oregon: Lewis and Clark College

Instagram: alexperez1o13
Instagram: swoopy_pie

Yeri: Portland

Kuruluş: 1867


Pennsylvania: Swarthmore College

Where: SwarthmoreDate founded: 1864Fun fact: This liberal arts college is part of a consortium with Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College, and the University of Pennsylvania, meaning students can take classes at any of the four institutions.
Facebook: Swarthmore College

Yeri: Swarthmore

Kuruluş: 1864


Rhode Island: Brown University

Where: ProvidenceDate Founded: 1764Fun fact: One of Brown's most famous alumni is Emma Watson; the Harry Potter star graduated in 2014 with a degree in English.
Facebook: lauratamarajaramillo

Yeri: Providence

Kuruluş: 1764



South Carolina: College of Charleston

Facebook: College of Charleston
Facebook: College of Charleston

Yeri: Charleston

Kuruluş: 1770


South Dakota: Augustana University

Where: Sioux FallsDate founded: 1860 Fun fact: Augustana University was once nicknamed
Facebook: Augustana University

Yeri: Sioux Falls

Date founded: 1860



Tennessee: Sewanee: The University of the South

University of the South/Facebook
University of the South/Facebook

Yeri: Sewanee

Kuruluş 1857


Texas: Rice University

Where: HoustonDate founded: 1912Fun fact: Rice has a long history of pranking, and the University keeps a running list of superlatives. The most disgusting, according to the archives, was in 1966, when Gregory Curtis convinced the Freshmen and Sophomore classes to line up at the health carrying urine samples.
Facebook: Rice University

Yeri: Houston

Kuruluş: 1912


Utah: University of Utah

Where: Salt Lake CityDate founded: 1850Fun fact: The University of Utah was established for 46 years before Utah even became a state.
Facebook: University of Utah

Yeri: Salt Lake City

Kuruluş: 1850


Vermont: Middlebury College

Where: MiddleburyDate founded:1800Fun fact: This liberal arts school has its very own ski slope called the Middlebury College Snow Bowl. It's the only college to own a slope in the U.S. besides for Dartmouth.
Facebook/Middlebury College

Yeri: Middlebury



Virginia: University of Virginia

Where: CharlottesvilleDate founded: 1819Fun fact: Ever since its first class of students, UVA has had secret societies. Today, six societies still remain that are over 100 years old. Members of the most secretive—the Seven Society—are only revealed after they die.
Facebook: University of Virginia

Yeri: Charlottesville

Kuruluş: 1819


Washington: University of Washington

Where: SeattleDate founded: 1861Fun fact: Every year around the end of March, people swam the University of Washington to see the rows of flowering cherry blossom trees.
Facebook/University of Washington

Yeri: Seattle

Kuruluş: 1861


Washington D.C.: Georgetown University

Where: Washington D.CDate founded: 1789Fun fact: This University boasts famous alumni as diverse as Bill Clinton, Bradley Cooper, and Allen Iverson.
Facebook: georgetownmedalumni

Yeri: Washington D.C

Kuruluş: 1789



West Virginia: Marshall University

Where: HuntingtonDate founded: 1837Fun fact Marshall is known for its forensic science program; it is home to one of 20 such graduate programs in the country, and it's constantly ranked among one of the best.
Facebook: Marshall University

Yeri: Huntington

Kuruluş: 1837


Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin

Where: MadisonDate founded: 1848Fun fact: One of the University's most beloved traditions is a yearly snowball fight. Each winter, two opposing dorm locations get together for a duel, and let's just say things get pretty intense.
Facebook/University of Wisconsin-Madison

Yeri: Madison

Kuruluş: 1848


Wyoming: University of Wyoming

Where: LaramieDate founded: 1886Fun fact: It isn't Wyoming's campus itself, but its stunning natural setting on the Laramie Plains before Snowy Range Mountains that makes it so unique.
Facebook: University of Wyoming

Yeri: Laramie

Kuruluş: 1886


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