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    Justice Ministry annuls ministerial directives

    Hürriyet Haber
    04.01.2006 - 10:33 | Son Güncelleme:

    Following recent criticism of Turkey as it seeks to join the European Union, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul vowed on Tuesday that his government would maintain the reform process to guarantee the right of freedom of expression in Turkey. Speaking on the news channel CNN, Gul said, "We are proud of carrying out democratic reforms, and we would never do anything to hold Turkey back," Gull added, "We would never do anything to restrict freedom of expression. This government will keep up its reformist program. There are still a lot of things we'll do."

    To back up Gul's claims the Justice Ministry annulled all ministerial directives that they claimed were not in line with reforms already passed and issued new ones. The directives, covering prosecutors' responsibilities to security in and around courts, were aimed at ensuring that the judiciary was in line with the reforms and the government's policies concerning rights and freedoms.




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