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    Journalists voice concerns over the new Turkish Penal Code

    22 Mart 2005 - 11:53Son Güncelleme : 22 Mart 2005 - 11:53

    The Turkish Journalists Association (TGC) is to hold a meeting today to voice their concerns over the new Turkish penal Code (TCK). TGC Chairman Orhan Erinc said there were some parts of the new TCK that were particularly worrying with regards to the media.

    On the subject of 'laws regarding the media within the new TCK', the Supreme Court of Appeals chief judge and its chief prosecutor have also had some difficulties with it, saying that it could lead to less freedom within the press.

    The new TCK that will come into effect April 1. will be discussed at a press conference today, where journalists will have the opportunity to suggest their amendments publicly.



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