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    Istanbul slips down life quality rankings

    Anatolia News Agency
    30.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme: 29.04.2009 - 17:25

    ISTANBUL - Istanbul has fallen back seven points and is now the 121st city in the world in terms of quality of life, according to research by human resources consulting firm Mercer.

    Mercer’s research was conducted in 215 cities around the world and culminated in a report on the quality of life in cities.

    Vienna, which ranked as the second city in 2008, sat atop of the list this year. Zurich, last year’s winner, dropped to second place this year. Geneva, which shared the second rank with Vienna last year, made the third spot.

    Istanbul undid its significant rise from last year. In 2007, Turkey was ranked the 121st city but caught a big seven-point rise last year.

    When evaluated by continents, Europe dominated in first 10 spots. The top 10 cities are mostly from Germany and Switzerland. And most of them kept their places from last year’s research. Düsseldorf came sixth, Munich seventh, Frankfurt eight and Bern ninth.

    Many cities from Eastern Europe improved their life quality level after some countries entered the European Union in 2004. The bettered stability and rising living standards improved the way of life for residents.

    Vancouver came fourth
    According to the research, Canadian cities offer the highest quality life in North America. Vancouver came fourth and Honolulu came 29th on the list. Washington, D.C. made 44th place. Among the popular cities of the world, Paris ranked 33, London 38, Milan 41, Madrid 48 and Los Angeles 59. Mercer’s investigation results placed New York, one of the most popular metropolises, in the 49th spot.

    Singapore is the rising star among the world cities. Climbing six spots since last year, it sat in the 26th spot on the list. Beijing is one of the most ambitious cities of the world in bettering its quality of life. Beijing’s rise to 113th is likely connected to the city hosting the Olympic Games last year. The city also managed to improve its public transportation. Auckland, New Zealand made the fourth spot on the list.

    From the Middle Eastern cities, Dubai came to the forefront of the list, whereas Baghdad was the very last city on the list.

    In terms of city infrastructure, Singapore was the best city.


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