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    Israel: We Can Strike at Damascus Too

    Hürriyet Haber
    19 Nisan 2004 - 10:48Son Güncelleme : 19 Nisan 2004 - 10:48

    After killing the Spiritiual leader of Hamas, Seikh Ahmed Yasin last month and his successor Abdulaziz Rantisi, Israel threatened to strike at Damascus too.

    Israeli PM Ariel Sharon thanked to his army for assassinating Rantisi in his car , announced that they will continue killing leaders of the terror organization.

    Meanwhile, State Minister Ezra said that "The end of Meshal (The political bureau cihef of Hamas in Damascus) , will be similar to that of Rantisi. We shall not miss the chance to hit Damascus."
    As the whole world is condemning Israel for killing the Hamas leader, U.S. is finding the assassination rightful.



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