Iranians flock to Turkey’s Van for shopping, nightlife

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Iranians flock to Turkey’s Van for shopping, nightlife

Van, Mar 23 (DHA) - Iranians celebrating the Nevruz holiday, which started mid-March and will last until the beginning of April, have flocked to the eastern province of Van for its nightlife and shopping.
There are no available rooms left in the province and several hotels have turned their meeting halls into rooms to be able to meet the demand of Iranian tourists.
The streets, shopping malls and restaurants are full, and shopkeepers are content from the interest shown to Van.
There are signs in Persian that say “Sale” outside shops in one of Van’s most popular venue, the Cumhuriyet Street, as crowds carrying large pockets are a common sight. Shopkeepers greet customers with smiling faces.
All the hotels in the province, of which two are five-starred, are completely full. The general manager of one of the hotels said they are surprised by the interest.
“There has been a decrease in demand in the last four seasons. We’re now surprised. We didn’t expect such a high interest. There are some people who agree to stay as eight people in rooms of four” Merit Şahmaran Hotel’s general manager, İpek Turul, told daily Hürriyet on March 23.
A significant portion of the Iranians spend the daytime going shopping. The attention shown to Turkish textile brands in Van’s only shopping mall, which opened in 2015, is very high.
“We have three celebrations in Van; the Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and Nevruz. We’ve been making preparations for this week for a very long time. We are among the top 10 branches in Turkey that is making the most sales this week,” a shopkeeper said.
Iranians tend to shop more in cash and find the prices in Van cheaper than the ones back home.
“This place is cheaper than Iran. In addition, there are a lot of brands,” Iranian tourist Bahar Youssufzade, who looked exhausted from carrying shopping bags, told daily Hürriyet, adding that she and her husband came to the province for shopping.


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