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    Indian woman kills herself in husband's funeral pyre

    12.10.2008 - 11:46 | Son Güncelleme:

    An elderly woman in the eastern Indian state of Chhattisgarh jumped into her husband's funeral pyre, killing herself in an outlawed custom, police said on Sunday.

    Lalmati Verma, 71, immolated herself on Saturday after mourners had left the cremation site, said police officer B.R. Mandawi in Kasdol, 125 km (78 miles) from state capital Raipur.


    "She was reduced to ashes," Mandawi said, adding her three sons had not been aware of their mother's intention to commit "sati", which means "faithful wife", and was considered an act of devotion before British colonial rulers banned it in 1829.  


    At village Chechar, dozens of people gathered at the site on the bank of river Shivnath on Sunday to pay their respects.


    Investigations were being conducted, Mandawi said.


    India tightened laws against sati in 1987 after a young woman jumped into her husband's pyre, watched by thousands of people. Her death sparked a national outrage and forced the government to issue a ban on the glorification of sati. 



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