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Ariana Ferentinou Ergenekon Yazıları - Ergenekon Haberleri

Ergenekon ile ilgili tüm haberleri ve son dakika Ergenekon haber ve gelişmelerini bu sayfamızdan takip edebilirsiniz. Toplam 3 Ergenekon haberi bulunmuştur.
Ariana Ferentinou

Ergenekon Haberleri

Shooting your own foot...

Shooting your own foot...

Atilla Olgac's gesticulating bravado on Kanal Turk last week about his capacity to shoot nine Greek Cypriots and one 19-year-old captive Greek Cypriot, overshadowed any other news in both Greece and Cyprus; even in Turkey, the reactions to such a performance made us momentarily switch our attention from another ongoing saga, that of Ergenekon.

25.1.2009Ariana Ferentinou
Too fast for memory to hold

Too fast for memory to hold

During the last three weeks or so the cold waves of the Ergenekon storm have been hitting our screens with formidable force blinding our visibility. And when new tsunami waves originate from a cold lake like that of Ontario, then our vision of what is really happening in Turkey becomes really blurred.

18.1.2009Ariana Ferentinou
Greece says Turkey warming Aegean waters

Greece says Turkey warming Aegean waters

It is one of those occasions where you are called to decipher a strange phenomenon and to give a logical answer: the media of two countries while reporting on each other, are seeing a totally different picture: as if two people are looking at the same landscape, yet they are seeing entirely difference scenes.

11.1.2009Ariana Ferentinou