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Burak Bekdil - Barack Obama Haberleri

Barack Obama ile ilgili tüm haberleri ve son dakika Barack Obama haber ve gelişmelerini bu sayfamızdan takip edebilirsiniz. Toplam 12 Barack Obama haberi bulunmuştur.

Barack Obama Haberleri

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Folly is a Turkish delight

Folly is a Turkish delight!

Naturally, the Turks have confused minds as Turkey and the United States have in recent years metamorphosed from strategic partnership to troubled partnership and now to model partnership.

9.7.2009Burak Bekdil
Friends, allies and ’model partners’

Friends, allies and ’model partners’

"Friends go to lunch together," a Washington neo-con said resentfully a few years ago. "And allies go to war together." The man was still bitter, more than two years after the fact, about the Turkish Parliament’s refusal to allow for a northern American front against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in March 2003.

2.7.2009Burak Bekdil
Coups, good coups and bad coups

Coups, good coups and bad coups

It is one of the bad tricks of this profession: When there is a "bombshell" with an unknown fate, we are often dragged into the queue of commentators not necessarily because the bombshell is mature enough to comment on, but precisely because it is a bombshell and not commenting on it would be tantamount to "missing the agenda." The latest allegations of a coup attempt within the ranks of the armed forces, based on a document whose authenticity was still a mystery by the time this column was written, is a powerful example.

19.6.2009Burak Bekdil
America’s difficult export commodity: democracy

America’s difficult export commodity: democracy

President George W. Bush tried to sell it by a strategy of aggression. Unsurprisingly, he failed. Now there is a new man at the helm who wants to sell the same commodity to far away markets of Arabia, not by force, but by what pundits call the "mellow doctrine."

7.5.2009Burak Bekdil
So it’s ’Shoah,’ not ’Holocaust’

So it’s ’Shoah,’ not ’Holocaust’

It was a calm, blue evening when I took a taxi on Rue Duquesnoy in Brussels last week. During the peaceful drive to the airport, the cab driver told me about the 23 years he had spent in the Belgian capital and about his disillusionment with world politics and the never-ending wars in every corner of the map. "Where is your homeland?" I asked him. "I am a Lebanese Armenian," he answered.

28.4.2009Burak Bekdil

Diamonds and rust

In foreign affairs, perhaps like in love affairs, time may turn dirty charcoal into beautiful diamonds and shiny metal into ugly rust. This time, the Turks and Americans are trying the diamonds after the bitter taste of dust.

9.4.2009Burak Bekdil
Undoing March 1

Undoing March 1

For the very important inhabitants of Washington D.C., "Turkey season" opened some time ago, when George J. Mitchell, President Barack Obama’s Middle East envoy, arrived in the Turkish capital, matured when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the same site, and eventually crowned with the presence of President Obama himself.

7.4.2009Burak Bekdil
Why neo-Ottomanism is bad for Turkey

Why neo-Ottomanism is bad for Turkey

During the Cold War, Turkish conservatism was anti-communist. Today it is xenophobic. The West would hate to see it, but religion as a pillar of foreign policy risks pushing Turkey into radicalism

29.1.2009Burak Bekdil
Drifting into ’unchartered territory’

Drifting into ’unchartered territory’?

At the same time U.S. President Barack Obama was cherishing his election victory, villagers in a remote eastern Turkish village were sacrificing sheep to join in the celebrations, featuring placards that read "Obama, you are our hero!" and "You are one of us!" An all-too premature optimism? Probably.

20.1.2009Burak Bekdil
My new year wishes for Erdoğan et al

My new year wishes for Erdoğan et al

Once again, it’s time for good wishes for the new year. Here are mine, all too public and in an apologetic way for the year-long criticism this column may have produced.

25.12.2008Burak Bekdil
Weird Turkey

Weird Turkey

"Weird Turkey" can pop up anytime: while you read newspapers, stroll down the road, talk to strangers, talk to friends, listen to the politicians, listen to missionaries of this or that faith, or even when you lock yourself at home.

18.11.2008Burak Bekdil


Sentimental speeches and celebrations are all fine, but it is time to rationalize irrational expectations. The man is not a magician.

7.11.2008Burak Bekdil