Making it possible for kids to see the sea

Anatolia News Agency 20.04.2009

İSTANBUL - Despite their proximity to the Bosphorus and the sea, there are children who have never been able to see either even though they live in Istanbul. Now thousands of those children will have the chance to see the sea April 23.

According to the announcement by the Istanbul Seabuses and Fast Ferries Inc., or İDO, DenizTemiz Foundation, or TURMEPA, educated and raised awareness in elementary school children about the sea and issues concerning the cleanness of the sea.

A total of 15 elementary schools from Istanbul’s Bağcılar, Esenler, Gaziosmanpaşa and Güngören districts were included in the project.

During the first part of the project, it was understood that some of the children have never seen the sea. The rate of the children who never had a chance to see the sea was as high as 37 percent in some schools.

Six boat tours
İDO and TURMEPA will organize boat tours for elementary school children as part of the April 23 National Independence and Children’s Day. There will be six boat tours, which will give 2,779 elementary school children and 200 teachers the chance to see the Bosphorus.

Activities will continue during the boat trip with lectures and film screenings on why seas are important.

TURMEPA also has also hosted environmental experiments in order to increase elementary students’ awareness and sensitivity in Fethiye about marine and other environmental issues. So far 1,700 elementary school students have benefited from the experiments.
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