Bodrum to collect waste oil

Doğan News Agency 22.11.2008

MUĞLA - The popular holiday destination Bodrum in Muğla has launched a huge project, called "Vegetable Oil Collected, Our Future Saved," which aims to raise awareness about the dangers of dumping vegetable oil waste into the sewer system.

The project was started on a site with 550 houses, where 120 residents were given three-liter bins for vegetable oil waste; moreover, vegetable oil waste will be collected at 55,000 spots free of charge.

A waste collection center with a capacity of 20 tons has been built in Bodrum’s İslamhaneleri village, said Elvan Çakır Sevim, representative of the firm that will collect the oil waste. Sevim said oil waste that reaches the sea, river, lake or soil, poses a serious threath for the live population and the future of the mankind and the environment.

No illegal collection orremarketing allowed
"The waste oil collected in our center is taken to the recycling center where it is transformed into bio-diesel. The residents can put the oil waste bins into the collection barrels located near the site management building. This will make it possible to avoid any illegal collection and remarketing of the oil, as well as preventing any spillage into the underground water."

Highlighting that the population of Bodrum grows beyond 1 million during the summer months, Memduh Bölük, manager of cleaning works at the Bodrum Municipality, also added: "We initiated such a project to leave a better environment for the next generation. One liter of oil waste leads to the contamination of 1 million liters of drinking water. This also causes serious damage in the seas. We aim to save Bodrum by collecting the oil waste. The project will expand into the whole peninsula soon."
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