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    Images of Lebanese soldiers serving tea to Israeli soldiers angers some

    Hürriyet Haber
    19.08.2006 - 09:42 | Son Güncelleme:

    Images of Lebanese soldiers serving tea to Israeli soldiers in the southern Lebanese town of Merjayun have reportedly angered Lebanese authorities. The images were aired first on Israel's Channel 2 station, and then made their way to Hizbollah's El Manar television station. The tape shows Lebanese soldiers serving tea to Israeli soldiers who have taken control of the Lebanese garrisons in Merjayun.

    There are also images of the two Israeli tanks rolling into Merjayun being greeted by people waving white flags. Following the airing of the tape on Lebanese television, the Lebanese Interior Ministry ordered the immediate arrest of the commander of the Merjayun Garrisons, General Adnan Daoud.

    In one portion of the videotape was translated for CNN International reporter Octavia Nasr. In it, the dialogue between General Daoud and an Israeli soldier is documented as follows:
    Daoud: Don't we need to tell the authorities about what has happened?
    Israeli soldier: Say what you like!
    Daoud: We need to make a report of the events.
    Israeli soldier: We have already given a report to President Bush. You can write any reports you like.
    Daoud: We should also send Bush a report.
    CNN reporter Nasr notes in the coverage of the videotape that the images and dialogue underscore the relatively passive position of the Lebanese military in the face of the Hizbollah and Israeli tension. She also notes that it is possible that at least a portion of the tapes may have been erased or tampered with.



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