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Mehmet Y. Yılmaz

If we don't want to become isolated on the Armenian allegations......

With it becoming fast clear that the US is about to join other countries which have accepted the Armenian allegations of genocide by Turkey, our nation is now debating what it can do. As we know, more than 20 countries in the world have by now accepted one version or another of this Armenian bill. And our reaction is always to act on our initial anger, and carry through one or other sort of "implementation" in response. But what we don't seem able to see is that these "implementations" are not working, nor do any of our responses! It is no secret what the Armenian diaspora wishes to do. What they want is to bring forward similar bills in parliaments across the world by the year 2015, which is when they say the genocide will be 100 years old. And if you look at the speed and desire with which they are working, it seems quite possible that they will achieve this.  In response, we seem only to be able to threaten with certain actions. And if this continues, the tableau we will face in 2015 will be this one: A Turkey isolated from the rest of the world by dint of the Armenian allegations.  But the truth is, if we don't change the policies with which we have been struggling against these allegations, we shouldn't be surprised by continuing to get the same results. The only way to escape this otherwise inevitable ending is to find some new methods for struggling against these allegations. And what needs to happen first and foremost is to start up a global human relations effort. The only reason that the Armenian allegations are spreading so widely is that they are successful at getting out this message. And they are getting out the message this successfully because we are handing them the opportunity to be the only horse in the race.