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    If one election is not sufficient, hold another

    Hürriyet Haber
    01.07.2007 - 15:45 | Son Güncelleme: 01.07.2007 - 15:45

    The ninth President of Turkey, Süleyman Demirel, signalled the possible need for another early election, saying, "You need to find the solution in the people. If one election is not sufficient, have another. There is no giving up."

    Attending a meeting organised by Foundation 2000 yesterday, former President Demirel stated the following: "This is the most difficult of 16 elections. This election was borne out of a crisis. Political depression can be solved in 2 ways; one is an election, and the other military coup. A military coup is the wrong way. If an election had been held in 1960 there would not have been a coup. What we call democracy is the most expensive automobile. You have bought it, but you need a chauffeur. If you get a chauffeur who is new to driving a car, he will crash the car. It is the people who will decide this. Why has it not been possible to elect the Turkish President? Is it because a compromise could not be reached? If it were possible to reach a compromise for every problem, there would not be any wars, and no need for the courts. The ruling government insisted on claiming the President and the Government. If you are running a country, you need to listen not only to your own party, but also to other people."



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