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I have declared everything

Alongside explanations about Turkey achieving a low budget deficit of 2% compared to the European Union’s average of 3%, and that neither France nor Germany were able to fulfil the criteria mentioned in the Maastricht Treaty, Erdogan also described their new activities in Health. He went on to talk about the recent allegations put forward regarding the declaration of assets of politicians: “Your leaders do not have any assets to declare. As you know, they filed a case against me in 2003, everything was declared back then. They wrote, ‘he cannot legally be a board member of a company, but has the right to be in government, although this would be ethically wrong.’ So I sold everything, which made the headlines of the biggest selling national newspaper which said, ‘He sold his shares for 1.2 trillion’, and this went down in the records of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Now, these people can say what they want, there is far more to talk about”

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