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    Herald Tribune reports Turkey's needed make-over

    Hürriyet Haber
    08.10.2005 - 13:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    An article appeared in the International Herald Tribune stating that Turkish women defy the stereo-type according to Turkey's new spin-doctor-in-chief, Umit Boyner. "She is more likely to be seen wearing a Chanel scarf than a head scarf. She is adept at number-crunching as well as kickboxing. And she helps run Boyner Holding, Turkey's biggest retail empire," said the article. The writer says as Turkey is eager to shake off it's image as a poor agrarian country that would drag down Europe's struggling economies, Turkey inc. has chosen Boyner, 42, to engineer its biggest campaign ever: a decade-long sell job to convince a skeptical continent that Turkey should be a part of the European Union.

    "We have a serious PR problem on our hands," Boyner, who was chosen by Turkey's influential business community, with the support of the Turkish government, said in an interview with the Herald Tribune. "We need to show Europeans that we are not some two-bit country."

    From the article: "Next to her, a photograph of European legislators holding cards saying yes during a vote approving EU entry talks with Turkey dominates the room. European leaders and analysts say that Turkey's negative image is one of the biggest hurdles it must overcome."

    "The French president, Jacques Chirac, has said that his country would need a "cultural revolution" if it were ever to convince the doubters."

    "So far, Turkey has done a poor job of selling itself, said Gerald Knaus, a European affairs expert at the European Stability Initiative, a research group in Berlin. "It desperately needs to court European public opinion and make a convincing argument of why the EU should let it in," he said."

    "Boyner, whose first name, Umit, means "hope" in Turkish, will need to fight to retain her optimism. On Monday, EU leaders agreed after two days of tough negotiations to begin entry talks with Turkey."


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