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    Zana Tells The Truth

    Hürriyet Haber
    07.04.2004 - 11:46 | Son Güncelleme:


    “I received a letter from Leyla Zana saying that “I read your column of April 3 and I am still very astonished and sorry. I am telling you the reasons, in an annexed letter here, which I sent to Mr.Shulz. “

    The letter of Zana, worded very kindly, has a rich content. We have to recall thakt William Shulz, the Director of the U.S. branch of Amnesty International had claimed that “Zana is kept in the strictest-security prison in Turkey, in a small cell and faces the risk of being hanged” and I have revolted at him in my article on April 3, because it was full of lies and said that we did not oppose his campaign for Zana but his lies.

    “In her letter, Leyla Zana said in short, “I remained silent to the press reports for years. I thought I would be understood better with the language of silence. But I had to break it because of your article. Because, your article made correct description of my prison conditions but included some incorrect statements.” “

    “To her letter to Schulz, Zana said that “I thank for your letter. But the prison conditions which you have described, are untrue and were revealed without taking my confirmation. Secondly, the Amnesty International , by the untrue information it announced, cast a shadow on its own credibility...I was not badly treated or tortured in prison in these ten years and were not kept in isolation in a cell. ..My conditions are sufficient.”” As you see, facts are being revealed one-by-one. Thank you Zana.”

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