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    YSK Tends To Reject 5-2

    Hürriyet Haber
    03.10.2003 - 09:24 | Son Güncelleme:

    Unless a surprising development takes place, the High Election Board YSK is expected to make its decision tomorrow, on the ruling the Appeals Court against DEHAP officials and the petitions of citizens to invalidate the elections of last year.

    According to judiciary circles, the majority of the High Election Board (YSK) members think that there is no need to invalidate the November 3 elections or to rearrange the election threshold. There is the inclination in the Board to reject the appeals with a majority vote of 5 to 2, or 6 to1. The view that “There is nothing to do at this point,” is reportedly prevalent in YSK.

    The approach of those YSK members, who are inclined to reject the appeals is as follows, “We have rejected all kinds of applications on DEHAP, previously. The procedure and operations pertaining to the elections have become definite. Almost a year elapsed since the elections. Therefore these appeals to cancel the elections should be rejected and the results of the elections should be accepted as they are.”

    However, a minority of the Board, who argues that DEHAP’s resorting to fraud in the elections cannot be ignored, says, “The decision of the Appeals Court proves that there was forgery in the election. We should either cancel the elections altogether, or decide that there is absolute lawlessness in the case and leave the decision to Parliament.

    Moreover the members of YSK want to take a decision on Saturday in order to prevent any downfall in the economic indicators.

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