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    YSK: No Elections, Status Quo Continues

    Hürriyet Haber
    05.10.2003 - 11:22 | Son Güncelleme:

    After a 6.5-hour meeting, the High Election Board YSK turned down petitions for holding re-elections and invalidating the general elections.

    The decision taken by 6 votes in favor and one against, blocked the True Path Party which hoped to have its 66 deputies enter Parliament, by the recount of votes. The jusitfication of the ruling will be announced later on.

    Before the meeting, YSK Chairman Tufan Algan ruled out rumors that there were pressures on him and his board. At the beginning of the meeting, the Board cleared Tufan Algan off charges that he has hinted the ruling to be made in the meeting by previously saying that "There will be a chaos, if elections are invalidated."

     The rulings of the YSK are final and therefore can not be appealed. However attorneys of banned Democracy Party (whose officials received prison sentences on grounds of furnishing false documents before the elections) had said that they will petition to the ECHR, agains the verdict.

     One day before the YSK ruling, Hurriyet had announced that "A 6-1 verdict to sustain the current condition and turn down petitions, seems to be a high possibility."

    However the True Path Party which is unhappy with the ruling, decided to take action against it. The Party's Chairman Mehmet Agar said that "This ruling will not remove the cloud on the November 3 elections."

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