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    'Yes' Rally in Turkish Cyprus

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    14.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    A rally was held in Lefkosa by Turkish Cypriots to voice a 'Yes' for the April 24 referendum on the Annan Plan. For the referendum of the Platfrom "This country is ours", trade unions declared a strike.The  NGOs have so far held four rallies to urge the aceptance of the Annan Plan. The groups also called on Greek Cypriot party AKEL to give its consent to the Plan. Some of the participants of the rally were carrying blue and white baloons and flags of the United Cyprus. They were accompanied by music bands playing for them. TRNC's Dev-Is Trade Union's leader Ali Gulle said that they were resolved for the people to attain peace and "We burned all the ships behind. There is no return. There can not be a return from this road. Contrary to the crocolide tears, we are dedicated to this road, with the fire of our hearts !" Ali Gulle described November 11 2002 when Annan furnished his plan to the sides as "An important mile stone in the fight for peace. The world is against war, against arms and desires more democracy, more freedom."      "Attaining peace in our country depends on producing two YES votes. The peace pigeon can not fly with a single wing. Therefore we call on all Cypriots, all political powers not to evade their historical responsibility!" Addressing Greek Cypriots, he said "The history for the first time allowed us to shape our history. We shall shape our future and each other's. We have an appointment for the United Cyprus Republic on April 24."
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