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    World Bank approves Secondary Education Project Loan of 80 Million Euro

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    17.03.2005 - 09:48 | Son Güncelleme:

    The World Bank has approved the Secondary Education Project Loan (SEP) for Turkey worth of 80 million euro. Releasing a statement on Wednesday, the World Bank said that the main development objective of the project is to improve the quality and economic relevance of secondary education in Turkey.

    ''In line with the focus of the World Bank's assistance program in Turkey, which revolves around sound macroeconomics, effective governance, and equitable human development, the project will support: curriculum reforms in general and vocational education, including the increasing use of information communication technology to meet the needs of Turkey's emerging economy; strengthening career guidance and counseling programs to help students place themselves effectively in Turkey's labor market and learn effective skills to cope with life's challenges; and assessing and benchmarking Turkey's education programs
    and institutions to national and international norms to improve the quality and relevance of secondary education in Turkey,'' the statement said.
    Meanwhile, Andrew Vorkink, the country director of the World Bank for Turkey, said, ''this important project will help secondary school staff, students and parents improve educational achievement and quality, which are crucial requirements for Turkey heading to join the EU. A key challenge facing Turkey today is preparing graduates to compete in the domestic and international labor markets of tomorrow. This project will help produce such graduates.''

    The Secondary Education Project will be one further step forward in the World Bank's efforts to support education reform in Turkey. The bank has been supporting Turkey with loans of 300 million U.S. dollars for a Basic Education Project (BEP I) and a further 300 million U.S. dollars for the Second Basic Education Project (BEP II).

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