GeriGündem Wiretapping records found at nabbed former general’s home
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Wiretapping records found at nabbed former general’s home

ANKARA - Police found wiretapping records of former Chief of General Staff Hilmi Özkök’s phone conversations at retired Brig. Levent Ersöz’s home Friday, as part of the Ergenekon investigation.

Ersöz was caught at a hospital in Ankara on Thursday and detained in connection with the ongoing case against the gang. In July, he had fled to Moscow.

Baran Kayral was with Ersöz at the hospital when he was caught, but was released after interrogation. Ersöz has been sent before the court with an arrest request.

One of the allegations against Ersöz was introduced by retired Gendarmerie Col. Erdal Sarızeybek, who claimed in his book that Ersöz had his superiors tapped during his time as the head of the Intelligence Unit at Gendarmerie Headquarters in Ankara. Sarızeybek said the owners of the numbers were first thought to be terrorists but later, he reached conclusions that the numbers did not belong to terrorists.

Information, documents and CDs found at Ersöz’s home were sent to Istanbul, where the Ergenekon case is being heard in court. Sources said police also acquired some photos of Ersöz together with retired Col. Atilla Uğur, who is under arrest.

Meanwhile, two more sketches were found among documents acquired from other Ergenekon suspects. Examination of the sketches is ongoing. Previous sketches have led to the discovery of buried arms caches.
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