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    Widespread coverage of Schroeder's visit to Turkish media headquarters in Frankfurt

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    15.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    German and international press organizations followed the recent visit of Prime Minister Gerhard Schroeder to the Frankfurt offices of the Turkish Dogan Media Group, a visit which took on special significance in the days before the hotly contested German elections. A brief look at some of the press reactions: Der Spiegel Online: Schroeder has visited Turkey's largest media group. Dogan Media reaches more than 500,000 Turkish voters.  DDP Agency: Despite his warm reception of Schroeder, Dogan Group CEO Aydin Dogan held back from openly telling Turkish voters who to cast their votes for.  Junge Welt: Schroeder brought his election campaign to Hessen on Tuesday. Here he promised the Turks that they would enter the EU.  AFP: Touching on Turkish EU membership in his speech, PM Schroeder was widely applauded.  Spanish press: Articles on Schroeder's visit to Dogan Media were published in the El Mundo and El Pais newspapers. The El Pais newspaper used a photograph of Schroeder speaking in front of a Turkish flag.  Glos: "Millions waiting with packed suitcases in Anatolia"  The German CSU Party, partner to Merkel's CDU Party, had sharp words reserved for Schroeder following his visit to the Dogan Media Group headquarters in Frankfurt. In a statement regarding the article carried in the Bild newspaper on the matter, CSU President Michael Glos accused Schroeder of completely discounting the interests of Germans. Said Glos, "There are miillions of people waiting in Antolia with their suitcases packed."
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