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    Wide foreign coverage of Istanbul's Armenian conference

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    27.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Coverage of the Armenian conference in Istanbul made its way to the pages of foreign newspapers all over the world. The French newspaper Liberation carried a headline proclaiming "The Armenian taboo has been broken in Turkey," and an article attesting that the discussion of a "1915 massacre" was finally possible in the country. The article in the Liberation also noted that the timing of the conference coincided with mounting pressure on Turkey from European countries to recognize Armenian claims: "The carrying out of the conference lends support to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, whose political future will be affected by the EU accession talks starting October 3."  Le Monde also hails the breaking of a taboo The French Le Monde newspaper hailed a sentence taken from the Turkish Radikal newspaper as best summing up the situation: "The meeting happened, the word 'genocide' was uttered, and nothing bad happened to Turkey." Le Monde also mentioned PM Erdogan and FM Abdullah Gul's reactions to the 11th hour news of the conference's cancellation, noting in particular Gul's outraged words: "There is no country a better master at hurting itself than Turkey."  Financial Times: Turkish justice system needs to be examined by EU The British Guardian and Financial Times newspapers also touched on the Armenian conference, with specific focus on the Turkish justice system as it relates issues of freedom of expression. The Financial Times mentioned the abrubt cancellation of the Armenian conference and the case against Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, and proposed that discussion of the Turkish justice system was being left behind in the framework for EU accession talks coming up next week.
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