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    Who wore the four jackets

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    14.01.2006 - 10:45 | Son Güncelleme:

    Football federation host, Sadettin Guler, says he used the 660 Million Liras he was said to have spent improperly, to buy four leather jackets for the Italian football referee, Collina. It is claimed that the 660 million Liras, which appear as part of the improper spending of the Football Federation during Haluk Ulusoy’s presidency, were used to buy four leather jackets for famous Italian football referee, Pierluigi Collina,. Federation host, Sadettin Guler, announced that he had given the four leather jackets bought preceding the 2001 World Cup finals qualifying match against Austria where Turkey won 5-0, to Collina and his friends.

    Completely false Renowned Italian referee, Pierluigi Collina stated, “I have never received a gift before or after a match. It is against my principles and this allegation is a ‘Grande Bugie’ (a pack of lies)”
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