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    Where is the Judgement?

    Enin COLASAN
    04.03.2005 - 16:29 | Son Güncelleme:

    A few days earlier, with the release of the court’s decision we read a contradictory article in the newspapers, for example in Bekir Coşkun’s column in Hürriyet. It concerned the sheikh of a religious sect. There was no particular interest in Bekir’s article and it was not mentioned in the article… and then court’s approval and contradiction. A judicial diktat was almost being given.

    Yesterday we were shaken with the news from Istanbul. Daily Cumhuriyet going to publish the third part in a series of interviews of Hikmet Çetinkaya with Nurettin Veren, man from old Fethullahçı team. Veren in the past was Gülen arm and knew everything.  

    In the interview there were no insults or personal attacks. Çetinkaya asked questions, Veren gave answers. He very openly addressed some subjects.  

    But somebody was appealing to the court in the name of Fethullah Gulen, to stop the publishing of the interview. Fethullah Gülen, continues to live in the US, not Turkey. Yet the publication of the interview was stopped by the 5 th Üsküdar Law Court.

    I am someone who always defends the judicial process, who works to protect society from fear of unclear practices. But in the past few days we have been witnesses to some events that are not positive at all. Nothing should stop the publication of articles that bring truth to light. I am worried. In some parts of the judgement some very strange things are happening. Judgements are coming under religious influence.

    Who is going to complain about this, and to whom will they complain?


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