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    "We Will Not Deem The North 'Non-existing' If The South Says 'NO'

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    20.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Andrew Vorking, The Turkey Desk Director of the World Bank, gave important messages before the referendum in Cyprus, at a conference organized by the World Bank and Turkey Technology Developing Foundation (TTGV).Vorking said that April 24 was the time of unification in Cyprus and that Northern Cyprus could not live isolated from the world anymore in case the Turkish Cypriots say a Yes and Greek Cypriots say No to the Annan Plan.Recalling that he talked with the U.N. officials and gave support to the Annan Plan, Vorking said that this did not mean that the World Bank would cover all the financial load emerging with the unification of  Cyprus. Stating that the total cost of unification in 3.5 years was 2-3 billion dollars, he explained that this money would be covered mostly by the private sector.
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