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    'We Will Celebrate Enosis On May 1 With Champagne'

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    20.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Baf Metropolit Hrisostomos, the most senior Archbishop of the Greek Cypriot section, stated that they would realize their ideal of unifying Cyprus with Greece (ENOSIS), which could not have been realized, with the EOKA combat in 1955-1959 and said, "We will celebrate the Enosis with champagne." According to the news of Filelefheros daily, Hrisostomos said, "I am sure that we will join the EU on May 1. We will realize the unification, which we could not succeed in 1955-1959, through Europe. I invited the Baf combatants of 1955-1959 to the metropolis at 10.00 after the prayer, because the iceboxes of metropolis are full of champagnes and we will open them and celebrate the unification of Cyprus with Greece."Meanwhile a  group of influential priests in the Greek Cypriot part say in the mass Sunday prayers that,  "If you say yes, you will go to hell; if you say no, you will go to heaven." The priests alleged that the Annan Plan met the demands of Turkish Cypriots, the island would be divided into two and the Greek Cypriots were damaged.
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