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    US: We support your approach on the PKK question

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    21.09.2005 - 11:36 | Son Güncelleme:

    US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in a meeting in NY with Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, apparently told Gul that the struggle against a PKK presence in northern Iraq was "not a principle, but a timing issue." The 45 minute meeting between Gul and Rice took place at NY's Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and was closed to members of the press. The subject of discussion between the two diplomats was mostly Iraq, the PKK, and Cyprus.

    Rice: A move against PKK is not "if" but "when"
    Reportedly, Rice used the meeting to assure Gul that the US shared Turkey's views on the importance of fighting PKK presence in northern Iraq, and that the question was not one of "if" but of "when." Rice's words were interpreted as being a definitive signal that US forces would move against terror organization PKK in the near future.
    US to take new steps on ending North Cypriot isolation  

    According to diplomatic sources, FM Gul also briefed Secretary of State Rice on recent developments on the Cyprus front, with a focus on Turkey's quest for EU membership. Rice for her part reassured Gul that the US stood behind Turkey now as it had in the past, and that it supported Turkey's drive for EU membership. Rice and Gul also touched on US efforts to have isolationary embargos placed on Norther Cyprus removed, and the two discussed further steps which could be taken on this issue.  

    Rice reports US pleased by Turkish policies of late

    Turkish diplomatic sources reported that during the meeting, Rice asserted to Gul that the policies being followed by Turkey in the recent past have reassured the US, and that on many fronts, the US felt better able to understand Turkey as a whole.
    Gul signals displeasure by skipping reception

    As a sign of his displeasure with the most recent developments on the EU Cyprus declaration front, FM Gul made a point of not attending the reception hosted by the US in NY in honor of NATO and EU Foreign Ministers.

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