GeriGündem US documentarists in search of "Lake Van Monster" in Turkey
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US documentarists in search of "Lake Van Monster" in Turkey

A group of American filmmakers have arrived in the eastern province of Van to shoot a documentary on the "Lake Van Monster".

The documentary on Turkey's largest lake will be broadcast as part of the U.S. reality TV series "Destination Truth".

Paying a visit to the mayor of Van's Gevas town on Saturday, U.S. documentarists said that they believed in the existence of a monster in Lake Van.

After their meeting with the mayor, the group shot several scenes, some scuba divers from the team dived into the lake and documentarists later proceeded to Akdamar Island.

Spending the whole night at the island, filmmakers waited for the "monster to appear".

Lake Van is the largest lake in Turkey, located in the far east of the country.

The Lake Van Monster was not reported until 1995. There are now more than 1,000 people claiming to have witnessed the beast which is reported to measure around fifteen meters long with spikes on its back and appears similar to a Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaurus. Following these reports, the Turkish government sent an official scientific survey group to the lake who failed to spot the creature.

"Destination Truth" is a weekly adventure series that invites viewers along on one man's search for the truth while he investigates stories of the unexplained across the globe.

Every week, the presenter of the show Josh Gates and his small crew of producers visit a different international destination alleged to be the home of a notorious, supernatural or mysterious creature, such as the Chilean Chupacabra, as well as some lesser-known phenomena, such as the dinosaur-like creatures reported in the skies over Papua New Guinea, a haunted village in Thailand and the wolfman of Argentina.

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