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    Unlawful drilling over metro causes near disaster on Taksim-Levent line

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    11.08.2006 - 10:06 | Son Güncelleme:

    A disaster has been narrowly avoided on the Taksim-Levent arm of the Istanbul metro, with neither the Istanbul Municipality nor the Sisli Municipality apparently having been aware of drilling occuring above the line.

    Commenting on the situation, a spokesperson from the Sisli Municipality said "We did not give permission for the drilling; it was unlawful." Meanwhile, the Istanbul Municipality has opened a law suit against the firm involved in the drilling. A written statement issued yesterday by the Istanbul Municipality clarified that the drilling, which damaged two cars on the Taksim-Levent line, had been carried out by the Volga Foreign Trade Company on Ali Rize Sokak in the Mecidiyekoy section of the city.
    Train hits 6-7 meter steel pole descending from ceiling
    The incident which narrowly escaped turning into a larger disaster occured yesterday morning, when a metro train being driven by Ahmet Tektek hit an unknown object during his normal metro route. Investigating the area, a metro team of inspectors found a 6-7 meter steel pole descending from the ceiling of the metro tunnel downwards towards the track. Following this, the tracks over which the steel pole descended were closed, forcing metro traffic to slow down and use only one set of tracks.
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