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    United Nations: Bird flu minister needed for every country

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    20.10.2005 - 09:41 | Son Güncelleme:

    The United Nations Coordinator for Bird Flu, David Nabarro, has suggested in a statement to British newspaper The Times, that every country should have a minister responsible for dealing with the bird flu. According to Nabarro, if "bird flu ministers" are not appointed by December, there will be a global risk of a pandemic. Nabarro has also called on scientists and the countries where they are working to share more of their research and knowledge in the quest for an effective vaccination.

    European countries are reacting to the threat of bird flu as it continues to spread:
    England: All imports from Turkey and Romania are passing through extra inspections.
    Italy: Authorities have placed orders for 12 millions doses of Tamiflu, though this will cover only %20 of the population.
    France: 600 million Euro has been set aside for emergency precautions. Tamiflu and medical masks have been ordered in vast quantities for hospitals. Booklets explaining the risks of the bird flu have been passed out to farms, and farmers have been urged to keep their poultry stock indoors as much as possible.
    Poland: As millions of birds migrating out of Siberia are expected in coming weeks in Poland, the country has gone on alert.
    Spain: Health officials have ordered 10 million doses of Tamiflu.
    Ukraine: Health officials have ordered 12 million doses of Tamiflu.
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