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    U.S. Demands Troops From Spain And Turkey For Afghanistan

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    28.04.2004 - 10:48 | Son Güncelleme:

    U.S. will demand on Monday from Turkey and Spain, more troops for the security of Afghanistan. U.S. Ambassador to NATO Nicholas Burns announced that they have for this purpose called on the ambassadors of Turkey and Spain for a meeting on Monday.

    Burns claimed that Spain which decided to pullout troops from Iraq and Turkey whose offer to send troops was rejected (mostly because the Kurd opposition) should increase the number of their troops in Afghanistan. He called on both countries to "Solve the problem in Afghanistan, if you are unwilling to be in Iraq."

    U.S. Ambassador to Ankara Eric Edelman said that NATO was currently considering a military team outside Kabul, under the leadership of Turkey. Turkish diplomatic sources said that there had been no demand of troops by U.S. "For operational purposes."

    However in the military flank, U.S. is reportedly asking questions on the issue in unofficial meetings.  However, Turkish military circles say that "U.S. is refusing for months, Turkey's pleading to launch military operation to PKK in Northern Cyprus, and now it seeks Turkey's help in Afghanistan."

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